To commemorate our 60th anniversary, we wanted to give back to the communities we serve by supporting and promoting the field of architecture and interior design. We are proud to be hosting the 2017 “Office of the Future” Design Contest to encourage eligible U.S. graduate and undergraduate students majoring in architecture or interior design within the New York, New Jersey, and greater Philadelphia area to use their creativity and innovative ideas to create their own vision of the “Office of the Future.”


Three (3) Finalists will be awarded the following Prizes*:

  • The Winner will receive a $3,750 scholarship, a summer internship with an architectural or interior design firm, “Office of the Future” design award, and sponsorship prizes.
  • 2nd Place Finalist will receive a $2,000 scholarship, a Certificate of Achievement, and sponsorship prizes.
  • 3rd Place Finalist will receive a $1,000 scholarship, a Certificate of Achievement, and sponsorship prizes.

* Entrants must still be attending school in the Fall Semester of 2017.


  1. Eligibility. You must be 18 years of age or older and attending an accredited school within the New York, New Jersey, and greater Philadelphia area majoring in architecture or interior design. Entrants must also be attending school in the Fall Semester of 2017.
  2. Contest Period. The Contest begins January 2, 2017 12:00 am Eastern Time (ET) Zone in the United States and ends on March 31, 2017, 11:59 pm (ET) (“Contest Period”). All dates are subject to change. EXTENDED TO APRIL 2, 2017 11:59 PM (ET)
  3. Fill out the Entry Form in its entirety. A confirmation email will be sent with submission instructions.
  4. One entry only per Entrant. Entries to be provided in digital format only. No hard copies will be accepted. Each entry must include a floor plan, supporting statement, and 7 – 10 renderings of the design in PDF and/or JPG format (6 MB max.). Each page may include a maximum of 3 drawings/renderings on a 11” x 17” page with a brief description of each space. NOTE: Please do not include your name, school affiliation, and company branding (company names or logos).
  5. Who are you designing for?
    • Tech company located in New York City made up of roughly 50 employees: President/CEO + executive assistant, CFO + 5 finance support team, CIO + 11 supporting staff (includes  software engineers), CMO + 6 marketing and 10 sales team members, COO + 2 operations team members, 3 human resources staff, 5 administrative support, and 2 receptionists.
  6. Design parameters required in your drawing (DOWNLOAD the BLANK OFFICE SPACE PDF) illustrates locations of elevators, stairs, emergency exits, window locations, ceiling height, and beams). Be as innovative and creative with the office space around these non-negotiable, fixed parameters:
    • Approximately 10,000 sq. ft.
    • 12′ finished ceiling height
    • Common area(s) such as restrooms
    • Must comply with New York City building codes
  7. Supporting statement. Provide a caption for your drawing. A supporting statement will be required that articulates your vision of the “Office of the Future.” Acceptable formats:
    • Written – Maximum word count: 500
    • Video – Maximum length: 2 minutes (YouTube or Vimeo with a link included with your submission)
  8. Event presentation. You must agree to attend ModernfoldStyles 60th Anniversary Event and present your submission to our Judging Panel (5 minutes)


  1. Public Voting. Online public voting begins on March 31, 2017 12:00 am ET and ends on April 12, 2017 11:59 ET. Dates may be subject to change at the sole discretion of the Sponsor. All approved submissions will be displayed on the Contest Site providing the general public the opportunity to cast one vote per Entrant. Contestants and the public audience can promote an Entry on social media using the hashtag #futureofficedesign. Public voting on social media must use (1) the assigned hashtag for this Contest, (2) a link to the Contest Site and (3) state what design they are voting for to be considered a valid vote. Social media posts from the Entrant will not be considered and tabulated as a vote.
  2. Judging Panel. At the end of the Public Voting period, the judging panel will select 3 candidates from the top 10 with the highest amount of votes. The 3 Finalists will present their submissions at ModernfoldStyle’s 60th Anniversary Event on April 27, 2017 in New York City. The judging panel will make their final decision and award a Winner and 2 runner-ups at the Event. The judging panel reserves the right to select potential Finalists that may not be in the top 10 chosen by popular vote if they deem the submissions receiving the top votes does not comply with the Contest Rules or judging criteria.


Judging Criteria. Each Design will be evaluated and scored based on the following “Criteria”: (i) innovation; (ii) artistic and creative skill – considering the representation of the Contest theme “Office of the Future”, as well as the unique and novel approach to the Design; (iii) although there is no budget constraint, it must be architecturally feasible (iv) communication of the Contest theme in both the Design and supporting statement – how well the Entrant explains their concept of the”Office of the Future”; (v) application of the non-negotiable, fixed design parameters; and (vi) adherence to the Contest Requirements and these Rules. Additionally, it must:

  • Support a business culture of innovation, collaboration, and creativity while still maintaining practical spaces
  • Convey a deep understanding of the needs of a future work office environment
  • Create an optimal environment to address different worker typologies
  • Promote a productive workspace environment while integrating balance and wellness into the design
  • Communicate the Contest theme in both design and supporting statement



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