ModernfoldStyles Showroom and Acoustic Design Lab
January 18, 2018 / Company News

ModernfoldStyles to Unveil a New Space Management Showroom

ModernfoldStyles, Inc., a recognized leader in flexible and innovative Space Management Solutions, is rolling out its newly renovated office and showroom in South Hackensack, New Jersey. Far more than a simple office or warehouse space, the Company is transforming their headquarters to give architects, builders, and clients a “live” demonstration of how their extensive operable partitions and glass wall products can transform an office space.
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2019 Design Competition Judges and Winners
May 3, 2019 / Company News

2019 “Workplace of the Future” Design Competition Winners

ModernfoldStyles host the 2nd Bi-Annual "Workplace of the Future" Design Contest. View the 2019 design competition winners!
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2017 Office of the Future Design Contest
April 28, 2017 / Company News

2017 “Office of the Future” Design Contest Winner

To commemorate ModernfoldStyles' 60th anniversary, they hosted their first ever "Office of the Future" Design Contest as a way to give back to the communities they serve by supporting and promoting the field of architecture and interior design. Eligible U.S. graduate and undergraduate students majoring in architecture or interior design within the New York, New Jersey, and greater Philadelphia area were encouraged to participate using their creativity and innovative ideas to create their own vision of the “Office of the Future.”
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