Should I repair / refurbish OR replace my airwalls, operable partitions, or moveable walls?

Over time, as with any operable partition, they will require service and maintenance. Only a professional with expertise in airwalls, operable partitions, movable walls or glass walls can make a determination if they just need refurbishing or should be replaced. An inspection and assessment of the partition should be conducted to determine the condition and longevity. Our highly-trained Service technician will go out and make an assessment at no cost. Contact Our Service Team.

Can a panel system be relocated to another location?

Relocation is possible as long as the new location dimensions match the original location exactly.

Can the partition track be reused?

It is possible to reuse the track provided the same carriers are used in the new partition. An inspection of the track should be conducted by a factory-trained representative to ensure it is suitable for reuse.

The partitions are manually operated now…can it be changed to be electrically operated?

If field conditions support an electrically-operated partition, you can remove the manual partition and install an electrically-operated version. However, you cannot convert an existing manual partition to an electrically operated if field conditions are not supported.

How often should the partitions and equipment be serviced and inspected?

Our manufactures recommend annual service and inspections for most equipment. Usage of the partitions / equipment may dictate more frequent service. Life safety equipment, such as Smoke Guard, should be inspected and serviced on a semi-annual basis.

What territories does your Service team support?

ModernfoldStyles covers all of New York, New Jersey, and the greater Philadelphia areas. Contact our Distributor Network (IDNNA) for any service or maintenance needs outside of our territories.

We’re here to help answer any of your Service and Maintenance questions. Or contact us for an assessment of your panels at no cost or get a quote for servicing your partitions.