ModernfoldStyles 2023 Skyfold Top Dealers Award

From left: Alastair Cush, Managing Director, Senior Vice President of Skyfold Inc.; Mahawa Gildersleeve, Regional Sales Manager – Northeast of Skyfold Inc.; Bob Styles, CEO of ModernfoldStyles, Inc.; Erika Becker, VP of ModernfoldStyles, Inc.; Bram Jones, Assistant Foreman of Skyfold Inc.

This month, our CEO and the owner of ModernfoldStyles, Inc. Bob Styles, and Vice President, Erika Becker proudly accepted the 2023 Top Dealers Award from Skyfold, Inc. on behalf of the entire team. Skyfold stands as one of our esteemed top manufacturers, contributing to our ongoing commitment to excellence.

Mr. Styles reflects on the achievement, stating, “This Skyfold Top Dealer Award is a testament to the collective brilliance of the ModernfoldStyles team. Our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining spatial design has made this achievement possible, and I am proud to share this honor with each member of our extraordinary team.”